Monday, April 23, 2012

Field Experience 17&18


Friday April 20th, destination: Elementary School 9:10am. In this reflection, I will be reflecting on the lesson that I taught. The lesson that I taught on Floor Hockey was a little out of sync/order. The elementary school was on break for 2 weeks and the week before their break, the other student teacher had planned floor hockey for when the students came back. It was very tough to do a pre-assessment before the break due to the fact that I do not see the same class every Friday at 9:10am. The 4th and 5th grade classes we teach in the morning on Fridays are always different due to the block scheduling of the classes. So for the lesson I taught, I decided to do a real quick pre-assessment on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the skill theme: striking with long handed implements. The pre-assessment went very smooth and all students cooperated well and then after I marked down all my data, I moved right into the daily lesson of working on the slap shot and dribbling. I first introduced how to hold/grip the hockey stick (as for this class, it was their first lesson on floor hockey). Then I taught the students the cues necessary for the "slap shot." After explaining the cues to the students, I had them find their own space and shout out the cues while performing each step of the slap shot without equipment. Then I had students get a hockey stick and practice the cues of the slap shot in their own personal space. *I stressed safety* DO NOT BRING STICK ABOVE WAIST. Then we moved right into another "shooting on net drill." One idea that I could improve on with this activity would be to split the class up into 3 groups instead of just the two that I had set up so each student could get more practice time on the hockey slap shot. After this exercise, we then taught the students how to "dribble" the puck in hockey. We first explained the side to side motion of the hockey dribble and then showed them how they should not just push the puck forward. We then had the students practice the dribble in their own personal space, and then had them move around the gymnasium. The progressions we used in this lesson I thought worked great in the sense of the students being able to learn the skill effectively. After we had the students dribble around the gym for a few minutes, we broke the class up into 3 groups and had the students dribble in and out of 4 cones and then take a "slap shot' on the net. We had the students practice this routine for about 3 minutes and then myself and Miss K started post-assessing the students on the slap shot. The post assessment was closer to a game like situation in the fact that the students first had to dribble the puck through cones then immediately shoot on net. (resembled a game like situation). The results I started to see in the students slap shot was quite amazing. The students "actually" performed better on the slap shot at the end of the lesson compared to the pre-assessment. I thought this was great. My teaching was effective! It was a great feeling watching the students that struggled in the beginning of class, have a much more efficient slap shot by the end of class. Both the results in the qualitative and quantitative aspects improved! Overall I thought the lesson went well. I personally think team teaching is a little difficult because its hard to exactly predict what each teacher is going to instruct/say throughout the lesson. If both teachers have experience together teaching, the lesson would most likely be smoother. It was just great seeing the students actually progress and become better because of my teaching. 

Field Experience 16


Friday April 20th, destination: Elementary School 8:05am. In this reflection, I will be concentrating on how myself and my host teacher communicated with each other. At Belle-Sherman the past few weeks there has been another student teacher teaching full lessons for Mr. Miller. Myself and the other student teacher both communicated with each other to ensure we were both on the same track for teaching the students. This week, the 4th and 5th graders started to learn about Floor Hockey. I had two lessons ready to teach on April 20th but I received a call the night before from the other student teacher saying that she was going to be observed for the first class by her teacher from her college. With her communicating with me, I was now only going to be able to teach one lesson instead of two. It kind of switched my teaching plans around but im glad the other student teacher was able to communicate with me. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Field Experience 15


Friday March 2nd, destination: Elementary School 9:10am. In this reflection, I will be concentrating on my host teachers communication with others around the district. In this class, I sat down with my host teacher and asked him many questions about how he knows so much about all of his students. He told me that one of his students parents are having a rough time, and that each teacher is allowed to give this student some slack if he is behaving differently than normal. I asked him, how do you know this information? He said, the classroom teachers communicate with him about certain issues that each student is having/had. The parents usually contact the classroom teacher and then the classroom teacher relays the message to the P.E. teacher. Now thats great communication throughout the district. My host teacher also said that he talks to parents now and then if there is a big issue with a student/students. Also, the district is having a parent fun night coming up where the parents come in and the students teach their parents what they are learning in P.E. What a great idea! This allows the parents to become involved physically and also give the students a better learning experience because they have to teach their parents! Smart idea. 

Field Experience 14


Friday March 30th, destination: Elementary School 8:05am. In this reflection, I will be reflecting on the lesson that I taught. The students were still working on their Handball unit so I decided to develop a full lesson plan based off of Handball. Once the students came into the gymnasium, I had them all do a quick warm up of varying plyo-metric stretches. This warm up got all of the students heart rate up while working on their flexibility (cherry pickers) and agility (high knees). Then I moved right into reviewing the cues of the handball throw/pass real quick and then partnered each student up by dividing them myself (much quicker). after a quick warm up of throwing to a partner, we moved right into a three step approach and then throw into the goal. The students worked on their arm power in this activity. Then after about 5 minutes I decided to bring goalies into the net. I went over a few cues to help the students with goaltending and then went right into the same three step drill with a goalie. The students loved being goalies. Then lastly, I had the class play a mini game of handball for the last 15 minutes of class. I decided to incorporate a mini game to see how much the students would apply the throwing/goalie skills I taught them that day. The mini game actually turned out quite well. The students were making great saves and also good passes. Overall I thought the lesson went smooth. We moved from one activity right into another without any problems. One thing I could have of worked on was to have maybe 2 mini games going at once, because I had enough students on the sideline to make up another game.