Sunday, April 1, 2012

Field Experience 14


Friday March 30th, destination: Elementary School 8:05am. In this reflection, I will be reflecting on the lesson that I taught. The students were still working on their Handball unit so I decided to develop a full lesson plan based off of Handball. Once the students came into the gymnasium, I had them all do a quick warm up of varying plyo-metric stretches. This warm up got all of the students heart rate up while working on their flexibility (cherry pickers) and agility (high knees). Then I moved right into reviewing the cues of the handball throw/pass real quick and then partnered each student up by dividing them myself (much quicker). after a quick warm up of throwing to a partner, we moved right into a three step approach and then throw into the goal. The students worked on their arm power in this activity. Then after about 5 minutes I decided to bring goalies into the net. I went over a few cues to help the students with goaltending and then went right into the same three step drill with a goalie. The students loved being goalies. Then lastly, I had the class play a mini game of handball for the last 15 minutes of class. I decided to incorporate a mini game to see how much the students would apply the throwing/goalie skills I taught them that day. The mini game actually turned out quite well. The students were making great saves and also good passes. Overall I thought the lesson went smooth. We moved from one activity right into another without any problems. One thing I could have of worked on was to have maybe 2 mini games going at once, because I had enough students on the sideline to make up another game. 

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