Sunday, April 1, 2012

Field Experience 15


Friday March 2nd, destination: Elementary School 9:10am. In this reflection, I will be concentrating on my host teachers communication with others around the district. In this class, I sat down with my host teacher and asked him many questions about how he knows so much about all of his students. He told me that one of his students parents are having a rough time, and that each teacher is allowed to give this student some slack if he is behaving differently than normal. I asked him, how do you know this information? He said, the classroom teachers communicate with him about certain issues that each student is having/had. The parents usually contact the classroom teacher and then the classroom teacher relays the message to the P.E. teacher. Now thats great communication throughout the district. My host teacher also said that he talks to parents now and then if there is a big issue with a student/students. Also, the district is having a parent fun night coming up where the parents come in and the students teach their parents what they are learning in P.E. What a great idea! This allows the parents to become involved physically and also give the students a better learning experience because they have to teach their parents! Smart idea. 

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