Monday, March 26, 2012

Field Experience 11


Friday March 23rd, destination: Elementary School 9:10am. In this reflection, I will be concentrating on the knowledge of the students. The class that I observed were 4th graders. I taught this lesson with little knowledge on gymnastics. I actually found out that the students taught me a lot about gymnastics through watching my students. I started off the lesson by going over all the tumbles in gymnastics and I asked the students if I missed any tumbles and sure enough, the class corrected me by saying that I missed going over the star jump and also the egg roll. This showed me that my students were able to retain all the different types of tumbles they have learned in gymnastics. Also, one girl in the class was able to do a back hand spring! This was not on the tumbling list that they had learned but she knew how to do one, and quite well at that! I was really impressed on how much the students knew about gymnastics. I never had gymnastics throughout my K-12 schooling, so it was really nice to have experienced it from the teachers perspective. 

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