Monday, March 26, 2012

Field Experience 12


Friday March 23rd, destination: Elementary School 10:05am. In this reflection, I will be concentrating on the management strategies that I put into place while I was teaching. To start off the morning, the classroom teacher always brings the students to the gym and they line up at the door. Then as my host teacher usually does, I sent them to sit down quietly on the alphabet on the gym floor. One student per letter (protocol). Thats the first management strategy I had in place for the class. Then I started off the class with their usual warm up related to the unit they are learning. The unit was gymnastics and I had the students practice the different types of tumbling. Then I moved right into the days lesson which was practicing tumbling for 2, 4 and 6 people. I divided the class up by students physical size, so if students had to hold another student they were able to without getting hurt. After each group showed me their group of 2 tumbling pose, I had them work together with another group of 2 to tumble for 4. After each group completed tumbling for 4 we moved to tumbling for 6 and I divided the class into 2 groups since their were 12 students. Then the students worked together to complete a pose that was illustrated on a poster that the host teacher had. Each group was able to work together to do the pose of 3 students on the bottom 2 in the middle and 1 student on top. It was great seeing the students work together to complete the task. This style of teaching can be related to guided discovery. After the students completed this task, I asked the class as a whole to set up their own obstacle course. It took about 5-8 minutes for the students to work together to complete their own course. Then I had the students go through the course one at a time (safety reasons) and while going through the course, they had to do at least three front rolls. The students loved this idea. After each student went through once, I decided to make it a little more "fun/exciting" by timing each student to see who can complete the course the fastest while incorporating the 3 front rolls. Students kept trying to beat their previous time. It was a great lesson taught. All students followed directions due to good management strategies set in place. 

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